Titel: Genlias Memorie
Auteur: Genlias
Genlias is a joint product of the regional history centres and archives in the Netherlands and overseas.

The information in Genlias is taken directly from the Civil Register, the most important Dutch source for genealogical research. Since 1811 the most important events in the life of every person resident in the Netherlands – birth, marriage and death – have been systematically recorded. Marriage records from all provinces are currently being entered into the system. After that most of the participating archives will start entering records of birth and death.
Bron bij overlijden: Samuel Joseph Dormits, bladzijde: Samuel Joseph Dormits Tilburg 1841/109
Bron bij overlijden: Henriette Asser Lehmans Abrahams van der Reis, bladzijde: Henriette Asser Lehmans Abrahams van der Reis Nietap 1872