Titel: Burial permit Overveen
Auteur: Dave Verdooner
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About Akevoth
Amutath Akevoth = (Amutah = registered foundation in Israel) (Akevoth = traces)
Research of the family history and the family inheritance of Dutch Jewry.

The aim of the foundation Akevoth is to collect, research and to save relevant data in order to publish the history of the Dutch-Jewish families and their heritage.

The sources of the website are the registrations of births, circumcisions, deaths, funerals and marriages (including those conducted in synagogues), and also the results of censuses and permits for market stands in Amsterdam. The collection contains Portuguese/ Spanish as well as Ashkenazi data.
55680 Permits for burial from 1834 till 1954.
Register of permits for burial issued by the administrators of the Ashkenazi community (N.I.H.S) for the gravediggers college allowing the burial on a Jewish cemetery.
edited by Dave Verdooner


Titel: The Center for Research on Dutch Jewry
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