man‎Bernard Monnikendam‏‎ [I113165]‎, zoon van Barend Monnikendam en Catharina Cohen‏.
Adoptienaam: Bernard Monnikendam Chulata, bron: Joods Monument Joodse Gemeenschap in Nederland
living - details excluded

Huwelijk/relatie met:

womanRivka Sippora van Dam‏‎ [I113842], dochter van Max van Dam en Georgina Leopoldina Horn‏.
Geboortenaam: Rebecca van Dam, bron: Gezinskaart Den Haag E, geboren ‎22 mrt 1929 (10 Adar II 5689) Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Nederland‎, bron: Gezinskaart Den Haag E, overleden ‎3 aug 2004 (16 Av 5764) Afula, Israel‎, 75 jaar, bron: Mail diversen, begraven ‎4 aug 2004 (17 Av 5764) Hayogev, Israel, bron: Mail diversen
Rivka: Deported Erom the Netherlands to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in
Nazi Germany in 1942. Was rescued from Bergen-Belsen, in exchange for German
citizens (Templers) living in Palestine that were detained by the British Mandate
Government of Palestine during the war. The exchange included 50 Palestinian Jews
held by the Germans in a concentration camp in Vittel, France, 10 from Laufen and 222
lucky people from Bergen-Belsen who managed to get certificates from immigration to
Palestine. They leR Bergen-Belsen by train on June 29, 1944 leaving behind some 50
other who had previously been included in the exchange but were later sent back. in
Vienna they met the two other groups, and continued via Budapest, Belgrad, Sofia,
Istanbul, Aleppo, Homs, Tripoli, Beyrouth to Haifa, arriving there on 10 July 1944.
Source: Chaya Brazs, Transport 222
, bron: Mail diversen


manDov Chulata‏‎ [I113852]

living - details excluded

man‎Yair Chulata‏‎ [I113861]‎
Geboren ‎14 okt 1951 (14 Tishrei 5712) Afula, Israel‎, bron: Mail diversen, overleden ‎1953 Israel‎, 1 of 2 jaar, bron: Mail diversen
Yair died after about 1.5 years of Tay-Sachs., bron: Mail diversen

man‎Gad Chulata‏‎ [I113862]‎
Geboren ‎1956 Israel‎, bron: Mail diversen, overleden ‎1956 Afula, Israel‎, minder dan 1 jaar oud, bron: Mail diversen
Gad was born with the red spot in the eye, typical of Tay-Sachs patients and died
within a few months
, bron: Mail diversen

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