man Nathan Aronson‏‎ #20560‎, zoon van David Aronson en Clara Bonewit‏.
Ook bekend als: Nico Aronson, bron: Aronson, Robert, geboren ‎14 jul 1915 (3 Av 5675) Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland‎, bron: Gezinskaart Amsterdam‎. Beroep: kantoorbediende, bron: Gezinskaart Amsterdam

When David's eldest son died at a very young age, the next son Nathan (Nico) was thrown into the business as a boy. Some time later, the youngest son Abraham also joined the business and together the boys expanded the business with the opening of a fine arts auction house. Regrettably the business was interrupted by World War II.

After the war, the business was re-opened in Amsterdam. To escape the bitter memories of war, Nico and family however migrated to Australia.

In 1952, Nico opened his first shop in Military Road, Mosman, importing a variety of goods from Holland, France and England. At that time he was the only importer of Continental antiques, offering pieces which had never previously been seen in Sydney. Unfortunately with the introduction of import restrictions, the shop was forced to close as Nico's new import license allowed him to sell to the trade only. This was carried out from a store in Barlow Street, and when restrictions were lifted in 1956, Aronson Antiques was re-opened in York Street, Sydney. Nico was one of the first Australian dealers to regularly travel across Europe, personally selecting pieces to be shipped in those days by 'lift vans' (later developed as containers).

Nico was a foundation member of the New South Wales Antique Dealers' Association, was a Committee Member for many years and was its President for two years in the early sixties. He also gained an Auctioneer's License and became a Fellow of the Valuers' Society, soon being appointed to the Australian Bureau of Customs Panel for the Verification of Antiques. Later Nico became an Honorary Life Member of the Antique Dealers' Association, such honour being bestowed upon only four dealers to date.

In 1978, Nico's son Charles joined the business, becoming a member of the Antique Dealers' Association in 1975. He also became a Licensed Auctioneer and a Fellow of the Valuers' Society. In 1977, Charles was appointed to the Bureau of Customs Panel for the Verification of Antiques and after two years as Honorary Treasurer of the Antique Dealers' Association, he was in 1979 at the age of 30, elected President; a position he held for nine years until 1987.

Aronson Antiques moved to 317 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest in 1976, and to 769 Pacific Highway Chatswood in 1996, and specialises in fine French, Dutch and English 18th and 19th century furniture and fine decorative objets d'art. It also specialises in antique Chinese and Oriental ceramics. It is still closely aligned to the family business in Amsterdam

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