man Michael Schneiders‏‎ #20765‎, zoon van Zadok Abraham Schneiders en Netje Zegerius‏.
Hebreeuwse naam: Michael ben Tsadok, bron: Marriage Records of the Great Synagogue London 1791 - 1885, adoptienaam: Michael Selby, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders, geboren ‎11 aug 1843 (15 Av 5603) Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland‎, bron: MAILGROEP GENEALOGIE SENIORWEB, bron: Census 1901 London, overleden ‎na 1919‎, minimaal 76 jaar, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders. Beroep: cap manufacturier, bron: Census 1901 London
Michael Schneiders rented a warehouse against his family whishes and started the business S. SCHNEIDERS & SON. His company became huge. They started with cap making and later on started with clothes. In 1909 they employed 4000 people. Michael employed all his family in the business, cousins, brothers and so on.
After WW I business was declining.

Michael Schneiders changed his name to SELBY? The name SCHNEIDERS sounded after WW I to German.
By what name are their children known?
, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders

Gehuwd ‎20 jan 1869 (8 Shevat 5629) London, England, bron: Jewish Chronicle, bron: Marriage Records of the Great Synagogue London 1791 - 1885 (minimaal 50 jaar gehuwd) met:

woman Rosetje Bromet‏‎ #7288‎, dochter van Hartog Abraham Cohen Bromet en Karolina Hartog Zeldenrust‏.
Ook bekend als: Rose Bromet, bron: Census 1881 Londen, geboren ‎16 apr 1849 (24 Nisan 5609) Den Bosch, Noord-Brabant, Nederland‎, bron: Gemeente-archief Den Bosch, overleden ‎na 1919‎, minimaal 70 jaar, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders. Woonplaats: ‎5 apr 1856 (29 Adar II 5616) London, England, bron: Gemeente-archief Den Bosch

Michael Schneiders the 1881 census the address was: 95 Tredgar Road, Bow, London at his home was also his brother Henry.

In the census of 1901 in London we can find, that Rose Bromet was married to Michael Schneiders, living in Hackney. Probebly some children still lived at home with the parents.

In 1909 the whole family applicated for British citizenship.
In the marriage advertisement it says, that the bride ROZA BROMET, living at 1 Fashionstreet Spitalfields and the groom, MICHAEL SCHEIDERS, living at 18 Fashionstreet in Spitalfields,

Rosa BROMET (daughter of Henry) Marriage 20.1.1869 at the Great Synagogue, London. Eldest daughter of Henry Bromet, to Michael (Second son of Sadok Schneiders) both of Fashion Street, Spitalfields. (Jewish Record)


man George Schneiders‏‎ #34672‎
Geboren ‎1871‎, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders
man Caroline Schneiders‏‎ #34671‎
Geboren ‎28 okt 1872 (26 Tishrei 5633) London, England‎, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders, overleden ‎voor 1890‎, maximaal 18 jaar, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders
Because there are 2 Carolines in this family, we think the first one died before 1890
man Henry Schneiders‏‎ #34673‎
Geboren ‎29 apr 1874 (12 Iyar 5634)‎, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders
man Joseph Schneiders‏‎ #34674
Geboren ‎26 jan 1876 (29 Tevet 5636)‎, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders‎. Beroep: fancy goods warehouseman, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders
woman Janette Schneiders‏‎ #34675‎
Geboren ‎19 nov 1877 (13 Kislev 5638)‎, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders
woman Fanny Schneiders‏‎ #34657
Geboren ‎2 jun 1879 (11 Sivan 5639) London, England‎, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders, overleden ‎tussen 1955 en 1960‎, 80 of 81 jaar, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders
woman Kate Schneiders‏‎ #31262
Geboren ‎± 1880‎, bron: Census 1901 London
woman Caroline Bessie Victoria Schneiders‏‎ #20769‎
Geboren ‎1890 London, England‎, bron: Census 1901 London, overleden ‎na 1909‎, minimaal 19 jaar, bron: Shirley Jane Sniders

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