man Abraham Bromet‏‎ #7290‎, zoon van Hartog Abraham Cohen Bromet en Karolina Hartog Zeldenrust‏.
Ook bekend als: Albert Bromet, bron: Census 1901 London, geboren ‎13 dec 1853 (12 Kislev 5614) Den Bosch, Noord-Brabant, Nederland‎, bron: Gemeente-archief Den Bosch, overleden ‎1901‎, 47 of 48 jaar, bron: Census 1901 London. Beroep: cigar merchant employer, bron: Census 1901 London. Woonplaats: ‎5 apr 1856 (29 Adar II 5616) London, England, bron: Gemeente-archief Den Bosch
At the moment of the census of 1901 there is 1 visitor at his place. Nitta Phillips (12 y)
In the house of Albert Bromet there also lived a house-maid from Ireland and a cook from Belgium.
, bron: Census 1901 London

Gehuwd ‎27 dec 1876 (11 Tevet 5637) London, England, bron: FreeBMD (24 of 25 jaar gehuwd) met:

woman Jenny Schneiders‏‎ #8984‎, dochter van M. Schneiders en Nn NN‏.
Geboren ‎1857 London, Spitalfields, Middlesex, UK‎, bron: Census 1901 London

Abraham BROMET - Marriage 27.12.1876 at 63 Stepney Green, Mile End Road, by Rev. the Chief Rabbi, assisted by Rev. A. Barnett of 46 New Road, Commercial Road, eldest son of Mr. H. Bromet of 76 Exmouth Street, Stepney, to Jenny, eldest daughter of Mr. M. Schneiders of Chicago and granddaughter of Mr. S. Schneiders of 63 Stepney Green.
Alfred (Abraham) Bromet and his wife Jenny Schneiders arrived 2 september 1893 by means of the ship Umbria in America . No further trace of them.


man Harold Bromet‏‎ #8986‎
Geboren ‎29 dec 1878 (3 Tevet 5639) London, Mile End (UK)‎, bron: Jewish Chronicle, bron: Census 1901 London‎. Beroep: commercial traveller, bron: Census 1901 London

woman Fanny Bromet‏‎ #31255‎
Geboren ‎± 1882 London, Hackney (UK)‎, bron: Census 1901 London

woman Rose Bromet‏‎ #31256‎
Geboren ‎± 1890 Essex, Leytonstone (UK)‎, bron: Census 1901 London

woman Dorothy Bromet‏‎ #31257‎
Geboren ‎± 1892 London, England‎, bron: Census 1901 London

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